Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flats Review

I’m not a fancy girl.  You should have watched me try to shop for the two red carpet events I attended.   I like Jeans and T-shirts and that is about it.  I like comfort.  Most fancy looking stuff is not comfortable in my opinion, but the Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flats happen to be VERY comfortable, even if they are a little too fancy for me. Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flats

Ok, they are not over the top fancy for most of you, especially if you have a job that you have to dress up a tiny bit for.  See, I work for myself and set my own dress code.  Jeans, T-shirt, Hoodies and Tennis Shoes.  That is it.  But these are sooo super comfy!  They have a snap on flower type thing that can be changed.  For some reason mine did not come with the other snap on.  It was a little fancy too.

The Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flat ($73) is a basic bright flat, and has the option for numerous snap-ons in florals, clusters of baubles, and embellished ornaments ($9-15), so wearers can change their look easily from day to night, or from work to an outing on the town. This package comes with two sets of snaps.

I’m pretty sure that there are other snap on’s available that I can purchase separately though and maybe dress these babies down a little.  Or I can hang on and hope for another Red Carpet event and I will be all set! Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flats

You can purchase the Lindsay Phillips Liz Red Canvas Ballet Flats on QVC for $73.00!

I received the shoes shown above to facilitate this review.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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