52 Week Savings Challenge, Easy!

Some of you may have saw this 52 Week Savings Challenge floating around facebook.  That is where I found it.  It’s an easy way to put away some extra cash this year.  Think of it as a challenge and make it fun!

I already have a savings jar, but I am setting a separate one just for this challenge!  The idea is that since there are 52 weeks in a year, each week you put away the amount that matches the week number.  For instance, this is week 1, so into my jar I will put $1.   Next week I will add $2….get the idea?

52 Week Savings Challenge Chart

52 week saving chart

I have no idea who made the chart, but I would love to know so that I can credit them here.  The idea is not a new one, in searching the internet, I found a ton of posts where people had done this over the last few years.  Where was I?

So?  Will you join me on this saving adventure?

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    • I’m thinking vacation! Maybe I can start making great money and do more than one. I need a new camera! Mine has duct tape on it!!!

  1. I saw this posted somewhere recently and did a search and your blog came up! Awesome :) This really is a great idea; I can’t wait to do this myself. Though I imagine the winter months it may be a bit difficult to put that money aside, it’s good to know the amount never exceeds $52–just requires a bit of planning!

    Thanks for this!
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