The Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal, Happy Hippo…My Derby Buddy! #Giveaway

Almost 2 weeks ago at Roller Derby practice, I thought I was ready to do something that I was sooooo not ready to do.  I played a game called Sharks and Minnows.  The Minnows have a goal to get across the room without being tagged by a shark.  It sounds easy right?  Um, no.  It’s hard and a bit scary!  But I was doing it!  I was doing O.K., then suddenly I was not so O.K.

I left my derby stance and was in an upright position…major no no and our coaches tell us all the time “get low, derby stance!”.  Well, these ladies know what they are talking about.  I don’t think I will leave derby stance again.  I busted my tailbone HARD.  Oh.My. How it hurt…and still hurts…and will continue to hurt for a long time.  I learned my lesson.  Derby stance is burned into my crippled and scarred brain for sure!

RSD and injuries like this can be very hard to handle.  My brain can hold on to this pain for much longer than the actual injury will last.  Heat is my friend!  The Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal may be aimed at children, but Mr. Happy Hippo sure is my friend right now!  He is cute!  Easy to use, forms around the area you need him to be.  I like him, I love him.  He can be heated and he can be cooled.  He is pretty universal!
Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals

They are not just limited to this cute little Hippo!  Check out Ollie!  I need him too!

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals

They are super simple to use.  I just placed him on a plate…
Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals
Then microwaved him for 1 min.  Your timing may be different than mine.
Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals

Heating and cooling packs by Thermal-Aid were developed by our Bio-Engineers and Doctors that worked closely with milling experts using a unique patented process, which removes the embryo/germ tip cap and outer coat from each kernel of corn. This leaves the purest and cleanest portion of the corn product. This process hardens the specialized de-germinated corn, allowing it to hold temperatures evenly for long periods of time. It also eliminates mold, fungi and foul odors often associated with natural heating/cooling products.

Thermal-Aid doesn’t just offer these cute little zoo animals, they also have other items available if you are not into cute snuggly things.

Fact that makes Thermal-Aid stand out…

What makes it different from the competitors, is it is made from a bioengineered corn product that has had all of the ingredients that are attached to a piece of corn, that would normally allow mold and fungi growth removed from the product. Then it is hydrated, super-heated which allows it to holds temperatures for longer periods of time, even longer than the products found in the medical and veterinarian field.

The Giveaway!

One Not So Average Mama reader will win a Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal of their very own!

Giveaway ends December 17th, 2012!

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I received the item shown above to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and not compensation was received.

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Brandy is the wife to a carpenter/musician and the mother of 3 amazingly awesome homeschool/unschooled girls. Brandy is a Photographer as well as a Coach for the Weebellion as part of Rolling Rebellion Jr. Roller Derby. Brandy is passionate about many things and suffers from a very painful and degenerative neurological disease called CRPS/RSD.

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  1. I would love to try all of the thermal aid products to be honest I have osteo arthritist and insomnia and I am a Epileptic so get sprains and breaks easily plus it is dangerous for me to have a high fever and my menstral cramps are unbelievable not to mention migrains but you say this one thing can help all of that? Kind of hard to believe especially when I have told my doctors I wanted the least of meds as possible they should have recommended it. If it would really work I would be forever grateful thank you. Happy Holidays.

  2. I would like to try the thermal aid tube. I have degenative disk desease, had disk fusion in my neck and the tube would be perfect to heat and wrap around when the pain gets unbearable.

  3. I have migraines and I think this would be a real life saver for me! Not to mention darling, my kids would get a kick out of a hippo on mommy’s head!

  4. I love that thermal-aid products are 100% natural!! My daughter would love one of these to help her feel better when she doesn’t feel so good! : )

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