Build a Better Lunch Box!

Check out these  five secrets to a successful lunch box from Kate McMillan, mother, chef and author of popular book The Lunch Box!

Veg Out – the lunch box is a great place for veggies, so get creative and use frilly toothpicks with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, or make tuna wraps with crisp lettuce leaves – any kid will love eating this healthy lunch!

Grain Up – sandwiches can be made much more fun if you cut them into shapes – try using Pottery Barn KidsAnimal Lunch Punch Cookie Cutters – and remember whole grain bread is best because it packs a nutritional punch!

All Hands On Deck – let little ones get involved in the preparation process and watch their eyes light up at lunchtime! They can spread almond butter on a rice cake, or pack their sandwiches into Pottery Barn Kids Lunchskins – they’ll be so excited by the time lunchtime swings around!

Share the Love – a note from mom and dad in the lunchbox will have little mouths grinning from ear to ear. Pottery Barn Kids Lunch Box Love Notes are pocket-sized cards with fun trivia facts on one side and a positive message on the other – perfect to add some extra love to the lunchbox.

Brown Paper Packages tied up with String – we all eat with our eyes, and the first thing little ones see in their lunchbox is presentation. Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Food StorageSpencer Utensil Cases and Stainless Nesting Trio are all fun brightly colored containers sure to liven up lunchtime!


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