Today is the 10th day of challenges in The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing campaign at .  The challenge is about energy conservation.

The challenges for today were:

  • Brainstorm 5 ways to conserve water in your house. Share it with your social networks.
  • Turn the AC settings to no lower than 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ULTRAbonus: Plugged-in electronics use power even when they’re not on. Unplug 5 electronics or appliances that aren’t being used.

We chose to complete the first challenge and the ULTRAbonus challenge.  I couldn’t do challenge number two because we live in Texas and my husband works out in the heat all day.  He would not be happy with the house not being nice and cool when he gets home, so we skipped that one.

So we worked on figuring out 5 ways to conserve water in our house.

  1. Turn off the water while brushing teeth.
  2. Use a timer when showering.
  3. Don’t fill the bathtub up too far.
  4. Put something in the tank for the toilet so that it doesn’t use so much water to fill up.
  5. Splash less in the swimming pool.

I think those are some great ideas!  What about you?  What do you do to use less water at your house?  We also went around looking for things to unplug.  We didn’t have much to do in that area., the nation’s largest organization for teens and social change, has partnered with Lenovo, the world’s second largest PC maker who helped found the campaign last year, and Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, to launch “The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing.”

This is a paid campaign through Mom Bloggers for Social Good.

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