Wordless Wednesday, R.I.P Bullet with Linky

The last few weeks have been really hard.  If you are my facebook friend then you know that we have had two losses.  We had a dog fight.  Our young dog attacked our elderly dog.  It was horrible.  One of the worst things I have ever witnessed.

We had to rush our elderly dog to the vet.  They treated him, but informed us that he wasn’t doing so well.  Something we knew and we knew he would have to be put to rest soon.  He was 14.  They said most likely it was cancer.  I decided to bring him home so that we could spend some time with him.  My husband was out of town too and I did not want to do anything without him being able to say goodbye.

We had him heavily medicated.  Pain pills, anti-inflamatories…special foods…anti-nausea medications…round the clock care.  He was really out of it for a few days.  Then he started eating a bit, walking a bit…acting a little better.

We had to have our younger dog picked up by animal control.  This was not her first offense.  As much as we loved her, it just wasn’t safe to have her anymore.  They said they thought she had mental illness.  I agree.

Monday we had Bullet, our elderly dog, laid to rest.  It was the single most difficult thing I have ever had to do.  Morgan and I stayed with him til the end.  Then we took him and buried him on Jeremy’s Grandmothers property.

We’re crushed…miss him so much.  He was the best dog ever.

Rest in Peace old man!

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