Raw Chocolate Mint Cupcakes Recipe

So far being Raw this time around has been fantastic!  Trying new things is really helping to keep it exciting and tasty!  Morgan and I decided to try our hand at making up a recipe with things we had here at the house.  We made it up as we went a long and wow, we have a winner!

I love love love mint and chocolate together!  So we decided to make a Raw recipe that would use those two fantastic flavors combined.  This recipe is good for you!  There is no added sugar, only wholesome raw ingredients.

Tools needed:

  • Food Processor
  • Muffin Tin
  • Mixing Bowl


Cupcake Ingredients

Mint Icing Ingredients

Chocolate Drizzle Ingredients


Process the almonds in the food processor until ground to a powder.  Then add the Dates, Carob Powder, Flesh of the young coconut and a splash of the coconut water to help it process.  Process until mixed well and dough like.  You will need to stop occasionally and scrap down the sides.  Once mixed remove to a mixing bowl.  Stir in vanilla and a pinch of sea salt.  If it seems a bit to wet, feel free to add protein powder to thicken it up a bit.  You want it to be able to form up.  Press dough into muffin tins til about the halfway mark.  Place in freezer to firm up, about a half hour.

Remove by running a butter knife around the edges and place on a plate.  Now it’s time for that bright green peppermint icing.  Mash one avocado, sweeten with honey to taste.   Then stir in peppermint until it is the strength of mint you like.  Ice the cupcakes!

Now my favorite part!  The chocolate mint drizzle!  You need to work kind of fast with this!  Mix honey and carob powder together.  Then take the liquefied coconut oil and mix it in as well.  Work fast!  If it seems too thick you can thin it with a bit of warm water.  Put the chocolate on top and place back in the freezer to firm up.  The chocolate will harden up a bit because of the coconut oil.

Now, eat your heart out!

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  1. This is such a cool recipe. I’ll be doing a raw recipe tomorrow. (Zucchini “Fettuccine” with Raw Pesto.) Wish I could stick with eating raw as long as you have! I’ll get there someday. :)
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Black Beans and Rice

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