KNOW Hunger, it’s in Your Neighborhood… #TysonBreakfast #Cbias

I’ve already told you how awesome the Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls are and what my family thought of them.  Even though this is not something that I eat myself, the family really enjoys them.  They are fast, easy and tasty.  They are also very filling.
The girls love having them on hand and Jeremy enjoys them for a quick breakfast before work.  We have served them for breakfast, lunch as well as a fast dinner.  When life moves this fast a convenience like this is a blessing.  For breakfast Emma and Lauren will split a package with some fruit.  Morgan and Jeremy will both have a full package (which is 2).
They are also easy to pass on to others.  When you think about hunger and the struggles that life throws at people, do you realize it’s happening to your neighbors?  On TV they want you to feed the children…those children are in a different country and they show photos that pull at your heart.  But, it’s not just these other countries…it’s our own neighbors.  In my opinion we should be helping those around us.  Yea, it isn’t in your face as much…but I guarantee there is someone you know personally that is having a hard time.  It’s up to us to lend a hand to our friends, families and neighbors…even if they don’t make it obvious that they need it.  Ever little gesture helps.

Check out Feeding America’s excellent Map the Meal Gap, which will tell you of the level of food insecurity in your own county.  In our county the site says that about 90,090 people are food insecure!
I had purchased extra Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls so that I could donate some as well.  With them being a perishable item it really wasn’t something that I could donate to the food bank.  Instead I decided to take some over to a friend for her kids.  They are not on the streets, they are not starving.  Things are tight though.

My friend lost her husband, the father of her two children.  She is doing the best she can and working at getting them back on track.  A quick easy meal for the kids though can be a huge help and that is why I donated my Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls to them.

Looking for work, finding a new place to life and just dealing with everyday stress takes a lot out of you.  Atleast this gave her a small break, but like I said…every little bit helps, even just knowing that someone else cares.

KNOW Hunger is the ongoing umbrella theme for the Tyson Foods hunger relief efforts. It was designed to help people understand the enormous challenges of food insecurity in their own communities and to engage them in the fight against hunger.  I love that this program focuses on our communities.  This is what makes me Brand Loyal!  I hope you will check it out and see how you can help!

You can learn more by visiting Tyson on Twitter and Tyson on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #TysonBreakfast.

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