Tips for Writing the Perfect Love Letter

While seemingly only appropriate for school children, love letters remain a wonderful way to express your feelings towards another individual even into adulthood. A love letter may wind up being the perfect addition to a material gift for your significant other. In fact, it may end up being one of the most cherished things your loved one has ever received.

That is, if you write it the right way. Sure, not everybody has the skills of Shakespeare, but it doesn’t require genius writing ability to craft the ideal love letter. In addition to putting into words your thoughts and feelings, following a few simple guidelines will ensure that such a letter not only comes from your heart but does so in a way that’s both memorable and beautiful.

To write the perfect love letter for your significant other, just abide by the following:

Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to the written word, less is always more. Multi-paged love letters are more likely to be rambling and redundant than comprehensive and memorable. Every word should be scrutinized, passive voice should be removed, and you should give yourself some time to edit it a few days after you write it to make it as compact as possible.

Avoid “I” and “Me”

It’s easy to reference to yourself in order to explain yourself. But on paper a whole lot of “I’s” and “Mes” looks self-centered even if that’s far from the case. Limit the times you refer to yourself as much as possible, though preferably they should be eliminated altogether. Instead, take the opportunity to take your feelings into the realm of the metaphor. It beats simply explaining yourself.

Skip Cliches

Choosing to include cliches in your love letter is almost as bad as going with the first thing the salesman suggests when shopping for rings for men. The rule of thumb amongst writers when it comes to cliches is that if you’ve heard it or read it twice, then don’t use it. While a specific popular phrase may be the perfect way to sum up your feelings, try to at least tweak it a little to make it original.

Handwritten is Better Than Typed

This is an easy rule to follow: a handwritten love letter looks like it comes from the heart more than something you’ve typed up. While it may be the 12th handwritten version of your letter you compose, it’ll look more spontaneous than something on a printed piece of paper. Bottom line: a typed love letter is sterile and ultimately not nearly as interesting and loving as one written with your own hand.

Keep “Love” Out

This one isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to ultimately make your letter the best it could possibly be. By refusing to use the word love, you’re going to force yourself to think of original and above all emotion-evoking language. It’s undoubtedly the best way to discipline yourself into writing the perfect love letter, as ironic as it may seem.

Love letters are a timeless form of expression between two people who deeply care about one another. Even if you’ve never written a thing in your life, it’s almost a guarantee that so long as the feelings are real, the letter will well-received and definitely appreciated.

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