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Not to long ago I blogged about the free offer from Nopalea.  The deal was that you can try Nopalea for free and just pay $9.95 for shipping. The deal is still running and you can take advantage by calling 1-800-203-7063.Did anyone end up trying it?  Did anyone end up trying it?  I’m going to be calling my order in tomorrow.  Time has gotten away from me as always!

If you missed my other posts, I’ll give you a quick recap on what Nopalea is.  They say When you take Nopalea daily, it can help your body by reducing inflammation, cleansing itself of daily toxins and help promote optimal health.  So it’s basically an anti-inflammatory wellness drink.

Part of my condition is inflammation.  This is just a part of the problem, but anything that could possibly help is a good thing.  Inflammation is a leading cause of pain and boy do I have pain.  So while I know something like this is not a cure and will not take my pain away, it could help by reducing the inflammation.  This would in turn help with my joints as well.

I’ll never know til I try it for myself and I totally plan too!  What about you?

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