My Bathroom Makeover on a Budget and How You Can Win a Bathroom Makeover from Better Homes and Gardens!

Since we rent I have never taken the time to decorate our home.  I just don’t feel like it’s home…

After making over my bathroom though I am inspired to do the same with the rest of our house!  Is it weird that I just want to hang out in there now?  I keep walking in and looking around and can not believe the difference!  I didn’t even paint!  I don’t want to have to paint it back to the neutral color before we move.

So below you will see how our bathroom looked before the make over.  It’s pretty depressing…however I did like my shower curtain that I picked up from Walmart not too long ago.

It’s not pretty…
Bathroom before makeover

Bathroom before makeoverBathroom before makeoverBathroom before makeoverBathroom before makeoverBathroom before makeover

Told ya!  See that roll of toilet paper on the tank?  That is because our toilet paper roll holder was not holding it anymore!  It kept falling out!  So that is one thing I wanted to replace.  Ok, now see that basket on the back of the toilet that has a bit of everything in it?  Well that is because we have no storage!  Look at that ugly towel bar…every time I put a towel there the whole thing would fall off the wall.  Also, notice how high the hand towel hanger is, how the heck are my kids supposed to reach that?

I needed a bathroom makeover badly!

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens I got it!  All of the products can be purchased at Walmart!  Everything we did to the bathroom was less than $200! It was super easy with help from my husband!  He did all the assembly.

Check out the after photos…
After Bathroom Makeover!

After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!After Bathroom Makeover!

I love it! We need to buy a new toilet seat still.  I wish there was something I could do about the medicine cabinet and the sink cabinet.  But, it isn’t my house…

I still can not believe the change for less than $200!  I chose to add color to the wall by using the print towels.  Since I can’t paint this was a great alternative for me.  We hung one towel bar very high on the wall and then below it we hung the smaller towel bar for hand towel.  This way our girls can easily reach the hand towels without pulling down the bath towels to use.

I love the cabinet over the toilet.  This makes such a difference and added so much storage.  It also covered up the bare boring wall.  The toilet paper holder actually holds the toilet paper!  We also added a lotion pump to use as a soap dispenser and a concealed toilet bowl brush.

I am so happy with our bathroom makeover from Better Homes and Gardens!  Everything pictured is available at!

Guess what?  You can win your own bathroom makeover on a budget from Better Homes and Gardens!  You can enter on the Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page until September 18, 2011!  Make sure you enter!

I would love to know what you think of the new look I created for our bathroom makeover on a budget!

All Better Homes and Gardens products featured above were provided to me by Better Homes and Gardens to complete my bathroom makeover.  No money was received and all opinions are my own.

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    • Thanks so much Kim! I am so happy with how the towels added to the room. I think I’ll go in there and hide for awhile now with my kindle…

  1. I agree both shower curtains are great. I especially like the storage space. I live in a very old house that has no storage space at all. I would love to have a space to just store towels. Great job!

  2. Wow, what a difference. Even though it is not your home, you made it more “Yours” with things that make you feel good. What a difference it makes. Great job kiddo!

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