How to Remove WebRep Overall Rating from Google+ and Gmail

Google+ is totally new to me and pretty much everyone else right now.  So when I noticed “WebRep Overall rating” posted on every post I made I thought it was only visible to me and that surely everyone else was seeing this on their own posts.  That was until someone asked me why my posts had that.  At first I assumed it was because I was awesome or special like someone else had mentioned.  I was wrong.

It is some weird thing that is happening to those that run AVAST with Firefox.  Apparently it is happening to some people in their emails sent from Gmail as well.

It’s an easy fix though! Open your Avast program and click “Additional Protection”.  From there choose “WebRep” and click uninstall for Firefox.  Then you just need to restart your browser!  This worked perfectly for me and it is no longer posting that annoying crud to my Google+ posts.

If it is showing in your email follow the same steps above and then go to Gmail signature settings and delete the WebRep crud in your signature box and save your Gmail settings.  That’s it!  Hope this helps someone else!

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