What is an HDMI Cable?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.  So what does that mean?  They are an all-digital connector that can carry high-definition video as well as several digital audio channels all on just one cable.  They are specially designed for use in your home theater.

How are Analog cables different from HDMI?  When using a Analog cable you will have some  a loss in quality of what is being put out.  Pictures with HDMI will be sharper..

DVI to HDMI cables is an easy switch.  All you need is an HDMI/DVI adapter.  Pretty much everything comes with an HDMI port now.  Atleast if it’s newer equipment that is.  It also makes for a cleaner set up only having one cable instead of the typical set up.

We have HDMI on or new set up.  Well, not so new anymore.  I think we have had HDMI for about a year now and can see a noticeable difference in the quality put out.  We changed to HDMI when we got our new TV.  First new TV we have had in many man years.  So upgrading to a nice TV meant we wanted to be sure that the output was awesome to the full extent.  We didn’t need any adapters for ours since it was a newer system.

Have you switched to HDMI?

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  1. Yes, we have! Luckily, when we bought our TV, it came with a HDMI cable.

    My uncle got us another one, though, when they bought us a blu ray player for Christmas…we still haven’t watched one…wondering if there will be a HUGE noticeable difference!
    Tara Hill´s last blog post ..Carmex Tinted Lip Balm Winner!

  2. I got my new TV between Thanksgiving and Christmas and hooked up the Satellite by HDMI a couple days after getting it. I am amazed at the quality difference! Now to get all my other devices switched over to HDMI!!
    Matt´s last blog post ..New Year Resolutions

  3. I just spent $50 on a DVI cable to go from my monitor to my new PC. I had the adapter on for about a week before I was able to get the cable. I am seeing a huge improvement in my graphics viewing. I did not see much difference when I had the adapter on.

    We got a new TV for Christmas because our 20+ year old was dying a slow death and the depth of field on the HD channels is amazing not to mention the widescreen. LOL We didn’t need an HDMI cable for the TV though, it came with cables. Although hubby is convinced we need to go buy one. OY.
    Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog post ..Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot…

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