Putting it All Out There, I Need You!

At first I didn’t want to post this, but I’m kind of getting over the whole “pride” thing.  I did send this out in a newsletter to those that are subscribed to that.  I thought long and hard before posting here, but I figured why the heck not.  If you want to help great, if you don’t then no big deal.  So below you can read my story and why I need your help and why I need to win…


I’ve entered a contest by Intel.  You may have seen me write about the contest in a blog post.  Well, I entered the slideshow division.  I’m currently in 3rd place and truly appreciate you voting for me.

Now, the personal stuff…why I want to win…It’s $5,000!  We are self employed and have no medical insurance.  I need to go to a specialist, specifically a nuerologist.  I feel like my life is being taken from me.  Somedays I can not even write my own name.  My speech is horrible, I say the wrong words, they come out in the wrong order and I am even stuttering.  When I laydown at night to relax my head starts jerking to the right.  I know I am doing it, but can not stop it from happening.  The pain has spread from only being in my arm to now encompassing my entire body.  I have no idea what is wrong and honestly, it’s starting to scare me.  I have 3 little girls and I want to take care of myself for them.

If I won this contest I would use that money to go to a specialist and get the tests done that are needed to see what is going on with me.  I’m only 35…

Thank you

I thank you so much for taking the time to read this and also taking the time to vote.  You can vote once every 24 hours.  Those that vote are also entered into a giveaway of a laptop!  Voting is EASY!  All you do is click vote and enter your email for the laptop giveaway.  Nothing to register, no spam!  the giveaway is hosted by Intel.  I think you will enjoy our slideshow!  You can find it here: http://www.accessyourcore.com/entry/27

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!  Do you need a vote?  A comment?  Email me!

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Brandy is the wife to a carpenter/musician and the mother of 3 amazingly awesome homeschool/unschooled girls. Brandy is a Photographer as well as a Coach for the Weebellion as part of Rolling Rebellion Jr. Roller Derby. Brandy is passionate about many things and suffers from a very painful and degenerative neurological disease called CRPS/RSD.

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  1. I voted and anything for you kiddo : )
    I also read the terms and conditions it says it ends 3/17 is that right?

  2. Voted for your entry–you’re at 315 votes! Hoping you win it!
    Pssst: when you vote you can get an entry for a laptop if you enter your email! ; )

  3. Brandy, I am so sorry. I voted for you, and will do a post about this and hopefully get my readers to vote for you. But, I have to say this, is there ANY way you can get to an ER? Is there one near you for people without insurance? I am not a medical expert, but some of your symptoms sound relevant to having had a small stroke. I know a little bit about strokes, my child had one at birth and I’ve read up on them.

    I don’t mean to scare you and, like I said, I am no medical expert. But isn’t there a chance you can get to an ER? Or at least call a neurologist and see if they will work with you on a payment plan?
    .-= Ellen´s last blog ..Stem cell therapy: Has it helped Max? =-.

    • Hi Ellen! I actually have been to the ER 2 times last year. The last time I went they suggested I go to a rheumatoid specialist. That was back in July I think. Since then I have had new symptoms. That was back when it was just the pain.

      It’s funny that you mention the stroke. When I was pregnant with Emma (she will be 4 in April) I had a TIA…..otherwise known as a mini stroke. That would have been in 2006.

      I went and had an eye exam recently and the eye doctor pointed out that my right pupil is larger than my left. No one had ever said anything before. Looking at it, it is very noticeable. I’m not sure if that means anything. I know the Eye doctor mentioned that sometimes this can happen due to a tumor behind the eye. She said she was not that concerned because she said allergies can also cause this, but then again I didn’t have all of this other stuff going on, besides the pain of course. Also, it is still enlarged months later….

      If I can get into a specialist and get the tests that would be best. Maybe I should call the eye doctor and tell her my newest symptoms.

      Thanks so much for commenting, voting and blogging it! The online community is so supportive!

  4. I voted and most of all I hope you find the medical answers you need to get treatment and my prayers are with you to heal & feel better, God Bless
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  5. Brandy, I stopped by from Ellen’s blog. Those are some seriously scary symptoms. Do you have a paypal account set up somewhere? If you don’t, you might consider it. I’d hate for you to have to wait for a contest prize for you to get the help you need. I would certainly contribute.

    I second Ellen’s suggestion, and I think you should go back to the ER– with the kind of symptoms you’re describing my guess is that they’re going to get you in to see someone. On the one hand, it really stinks to think that you might be running up medical bills, but dying because you had a brain tumor or something and didn’t get it treated until it was too late would probably stink a little more. I’d error on the side of caution with this one.

    In the meantime, I’ve voted and I’ll spread the word!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Room By Room: The Bathrooms =-.

    • Thank you Jess for this comment. Your comment was part of the reason that I went to the ER on Wednesday. Sadly, I did not win the intel contest, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I had so many of you trying to help me win and I truly appreciate you all. I do have a paypal account but I don’t want to ask for donations. Again, thank you so much for this comment!

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